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 Riplak Entertainment is a hand-picked team of high achievers with several years in the entertainment industry.  We are here to fill in the need of getting things done, because those with strong brands, get fans! Tired of waiting on others to make time for your career? We are here to help achieve your dreams and spread your fan base by carefully and diligently finding your perfect target market so you can reach paying and dedicated fans! Take the assessment today so we can find the perfect package and direction for you!  


Maria and Brett both attended Full Sail University for their Music Business Bachelor’s Degree down in Florida, back in 2017.  They were the only two students through that course that ended up in every single class together, all the way until that day they graduated with honors.  They helped each other succeed and learned to work excellently together.  Years later, after managing their own artists and keeping busy in the music industry, they decided to join forces and provide artists and businesses with the tools to succeed. Riplak Ent. was created to fill in the need for these artists/businesses, to reach more of their target market with a strong brand.  Why not, right?  The two put out only A’s all the way through college.  Why not provide that to those in need of our services?  



Brett "Riplak" Kremer has been creatively writing for 30 years and has been in the music scene for over 20. He graduated from Full Sail University with his Entertainment Master's Degree and his Music Business Degree in November of 2018 and May 2020.  He received valedictorian in both of these programs, amongst other awards. Riplak has run his own non-profit organization for seven years and has been planning his own events to help the community. He is currently employed by the artist Soultru as his artist manager for over 3 years. With a wide variety of live and studio experience, he knows how to navigate this complicated music industry with the large network he has built over the years!  


María Portillo is an enthusiastic pop culture geek with an exceptional understanding of youth culture, branding and entertainment. Bilingual in both English and Spanish with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business. She has experience in artist management, marketing, content creation, branding, and social media. As a passionate music lover, and for the business behind it, she has been able to use her knowledge and skills to bring +500K  impressions on Twitter and Instagram per month, +100K likes on TikTok, +1M views on YouTube, +50k Instagram followers, +1M Spotify streams, and more!


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